Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I received a Valentine package today from the fantastic Kim. I just about died of cuteness! Obviously, the best part was the little rubber ducky. It's just over an inch tall, bright pink with red hearts, and makes me smile. She also sent me candy, cute socks, etc. I has a happiness. Yet another reason to adore BNaBBT. :)

S520 tonight. Information Seeking and Use. I haven't done the readings, which is actually to my advantage, because it will prevent me from gouging my own eyeballs out when my instructor spends the entire 2.5 hours rehashing the readings. Actually, it's more like he'll spend 2 hours rehashing and half an hour going "um, uh, um, er, I guess I don't understand this part..." Note to self: if I ever find myself trying to teach something, it would be wise to make sure I understand it first. That way I won't have to clean up the blood after my students commit mass suicide with their gel pens and crochet hooks.

Word of the day: Skewer. Verb. ['skju.wr]. To impale, stab, or likewise maim with a long pointy stick. She thrusted a knitting needle in his general direction and with a loud SQUISH, expertly skewered his spleen.

Small staff meeting tonight. Preceded by RA powwow. Ah, I love Wednesdays. For realses.

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