Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogging my way through class

5:45pm. Uh, I guess we'll start class? Proceed to confuse everybody in room. Well done.

6pm. Oh, notes time? Oh. Research methods. Not that I've had methods at least three times before. I took an entire methods class. I mean, that was in undergrad, but let's be honest: I worked harder in undergrad than I do now. And I worked harder in high school than I did in undergrad. Yet my GPA still keeps going up (knock on wood).

When I'm being challenged enough, I'm a notorious overachiever. When I'm not being challenged enough, I'm a notorious underachiever. Either way, I suppose I'm notorious. I like this arrangement.

6:20pm. Quick! What's the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning? I'm proud to say that my instructor now knows. You're welcome.

I give up. This is depressing. Let's talk about happy things!

My awkward moment of the week happened at the center desk on Monday. No, really, it's a happy thing...because much laughter was involved. Apparently the bathroom door at the desk doesn't lock. I discovered this when I inadvertently flashed whoever walked in on me--I don't know who it was and I'd rather not find out, although I know it was someone in Emery's MBA study group. Hooray. So I laughed it off, yelled "FAIL" at whoever it was, and pretended not to be horrified. Cue Emery coming to the desk and saying "What is it with you and inappropriately flashing people tonight?"

Okay, first of all, I accidentally flashed him/her. Second, I never ACTUALLY flashed Ashton, like I'd offered to do. Hey. He wanted to see boobs, and I have some to offer. Also, since I'm sure Emery was equating Monday's events with my other awkward center-desk bathroom experience in which I inspected a diseased penis, I would like to remind the general population that I was not the inappropriate flasher in that case.

Whatever. I make bad decisions.

THIS is basically the best idea ever. Whoever you are, frog-men, I salute you.


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