Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making sense is for the weak

I've been tired all day. Physically, mentally, all around just drained. Wanting to curl up in bed and do nothing. So now that it's past 4am, I'm all WOO I LIEK BEIN AWAKEZ. This is stupid. I've even taken my sleepy-meds. It's just a mental thing, like there is still time in the day that I could use for one more blog post or one more facebook check or one more...I don't even know.

I facebook-chatted with my cousin Susan today. I haven't had a conversation with her since I was...I don't know, probably 11 or 12. I haven't seen her since then, at least, and this was our first chat session. It was cool to talk to her, although it was sort of like talking to a quasi-stranger with whom I have a lot of mutual acquaintances (all of whom are related to me). I'm going to see her this summer at her sister's wedding, though, so that'll be nice.

Damn, I need to do laundry.

Today I tried on a pair of old pj pants that I have had since forever. They were super cheap CVS pjs, ugly green flannel and not quite big enough for me even before I started gaining weight. But I tried them on, and they fit. Until I tried to move, at which point they tore like Kleenex. Awesome. I can't decide if I feel like the Hulk or one of those TLC freakshows. I'm gonna go with the Hulk, because that's more awesomer.

I've always liked the big dark freckle on my right middle finger. I guess it isn't a freckle. It's like a beauty mark, except...on my middle finger. That's right: fuck you, beauty.

Gonna force myself to go to bed now. Hope I don't have ridiculous dreams like the ones I had last night (and the past few nights too, actually). Last night in dreamland I paid for an iPod with oyster crackers. Fuck yeah.

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