Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello, Internets.

I've never come up with a non-awkward way to start a blog, so I'm gonna go with the tried-and-true awkward introduction. As you may already know (or at least will quickly learn), awkwardness is my preferred way of life anyway, so this should go well.

So hi, I'm Laura Beth. Most people just call me Laura, because Beth is just my middle name. I kind of like the whole damn thing, though, so at least on the internets I'm going to include all!nine!letters!

I'll probably use this blog for a variety of things. Random musings, definitely. Posting photos of my art projects, almost assuredly. Journaling therapy, hopefully not but...probably. I prefer to not dictate a format.

Right now I'm hanging out in the lounge with 4 residents, all of whom are talking about how tired and overworked they are. Meanwhile, I'm avoiding homework and playing with my new netbook. A few months ago, I had a dream in which I had a netbook. It was a weird dream and the netbook was only incidental, but still. I woke up from the dream thinking "what the hell would I use a netbook for?" As it turns out, my netbook has the same amount of RAM as my laptop and a much bigger hard drive. Upgraaaaaade!

Things I love:
My pretty netbook
My best friend Kate (as an elaboration, I love how when I tell her just how much I love her, she insists on one-up-ing me until we have to call a truce)
Ashton...the staff, the residents, the buildings, everything
Diet Coke
My teddy bear
Little tiny beads strung together to form 3D flowers

et cetera.

I'll write more when I have something interesting(ish) to say.

In the meantime...

Thank you, sir, and I appreciate your input.

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