Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The WRATH of JAY-ZUS! hrrrblgrrrrblrrrrrr!

Okay, first of all, I'm gonna need to explain the title of this post. One fine evening when I was a mere highschooler, a few friends and I were hanging out and trying to find something worth watching on TV. We happened upon the Jesus channel, also known as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). A man who looked far too much like Richard Nixon was delivering a fire-and-brimstone sermon directly into the camera, interspersed with clips of Tammy Faye Bakker doing the same except with far worse makeup (let's be honest, Tammy Faye is the only person to date who has momentarily scared away my bladder control). At one point, Nixon (I don't know if it was Jim Bakker or some other dude, but we'll call him Nixon) yelled something about the WRATH of JAY-ZUS, and my friends and I all found it really hilarious. That, coupled with a sound-effect of Nixon shaking his Nixon-esque jowls, leads to the above title.

Now, what on earth made me think of such a random memory? Well, because it was AWESOME, first of all. But also because I seem to have found my way into Jesus Camp for the summer. Also known as my apartment. Okay, don't get me wrong. The 3 girls I'm living with are all really sweet, the apartment is really nice, I'm gradually getting settled in. But it's like...TOO sweet. I'm feeling like I have to assert my more masculine (?), nerdy, offbeat traits in order to balance out the tidal waves of estrogen in this place. And then, it turns out that someone owns the Focus on the Family (focus on your own damn family, you crazy bigots) DVD set "the Truth Project." Um, okay, still trying not to judge. Then one of the girls says quite matter-of-factly that non-Christian boys only care about girls' boobs and butts while Christian boys care about girls' faces/hearts/etc.

Sense. Thou makest none.

On the whole, though, the girls are nice and it's shaping up to be a pleasant summer.

If I can wrangle a job.

Okay, uh, I totally forgot what I was trying to write about. I don't know.

Spring semester is over. So is my tenure as an RA. I don't miss school, but...sigh. At least I have my three words to remember. Three words that I (apparently) am:


Like a mantra.

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  1. Is Jesus Camp over yet? My Christian boy loves boobs and butts, I won't lie to you. ;-) Those girls sound very naive. They'll be in for a shock when they hit the real world.